Unknown Simplicity is an iconic business and fitness lifestyle brand distinguished by sheer simplicity, quality, and luxury. Simplistic in design with an edgy look, the brand’s “flying X” logo represents Unknown Simplicity’s core values.  

The concept of Unknown Simplicity was born out of personal experience.  At a young age, X felt a deep sense of feeling “unknown” and questioned many things about life.  Seeing many loved ones leave this earth, witnessing firsthand what depression looks like, and experiencing drug abuse, the brand embodies the journey of self-discovery and perseverance. 

The journey begins by accepting what you don’t know about yourself, embracing your true self, and being authentic.  Anything you see in life was once "Unknown", this relates directly to business as well.  You must embrace what you don't know, and keep it simple in process, a total mind-shift.  These principles are at the heart of Unknown Simplicity.